Health Service Redesign

We created a flexible staffing model for our client which enabled them to successfully deliver the post CMS sanction roadmap.

A top 5 payer healthcare company had engaged a Big 4 consulting firm to help them create and implement a roadmap for post-CMS sanctions. However, the company found that the consulting firm's expertise in implementing the post-sanction roadmap did not match the high costs they were charging, so they approached EC1 Healthcare to provide an alternative solution.

We worked with the client to develop a flexible staffing model for their newly established PMO and Lean Center of Excellence, allowing them to benefit from specialist consultants, without the associated excessive costs. The client also enjoyed better control over the project, as they were not beholden to the Big 4's methodology, or reporting lines, they were able to ensure that it was implemented in line with their own standards and models.

EC1 delivered a flat team of experienced Senior Project Managers, Process Engineers, and a dedicated Change Manager to work as an extension of our client’s internal capabilities. The new team had all supported UM/CM implementations for multiple competitors and had niche experience within Medicare, Appeals & Grievances, Pre-Authorization, and Behavioral Health.

“EC1 Healthcare stepped in to roll out the management consultancy's recommendations and quickly got up to speed with a complex situation and our particular ways of working. There was really no extra execution benefit from using the Big 4 Project Managers vs EC1 Healthcare's Process and Project Managers, the Big 4 consultants were just more expensive. We have since extended and hired a number of EC1 consultants to join us full time, testament to their ability to always find the right people." Vice President - Operational Excellence, Healthcare Company.



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