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As part of our exclusive Partner Program, you will be rewarded for you part in the growth of EC1 Healthcare.   You will earn up to 10% of the net revenue for clients you bring on board.




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Stop leaving revenue behind

You no longer need to restrict your income to your availability.

IT Consulting

Stay in control of your projects

Only take on the projects that interest you, with the freedom to turn down projects if you don't want to do them, or are at capacity.

Business Meeting

Earn income for client referrals

Enjoy up to 10% of net revenue from new clients you introduce to us. 

Brainstorming Session

Enjoy full partner benefits

Increase your share of the bill rate for every 5 

consultants hired into a client you refer.

Networking Group

Provide a real solution to your network

Don’t leave your contacts navigating the world of unknown agencies and 'all or nothing' management consultancies, bring them to EC1, and be as involved in the process as you like.


Join our Partner Program

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